Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello . see who is here , ME bagay ! quite long did'nt post caues not free , never take picture and busy working :D hahas ! oh ya &&& my comp is spoil >: i now at friend house using comp .

sombody tagged me and say my blog is dead ?! rawww ! ofcaues la , that boomboompow everyday so free but i unlike yous lehs , i need to work one hor ! mwahahahas ! joking only ! see this dont come disiao me ! lols . hair still short ?! when is my hair is long ? still long uhs . OMG , this few days very tired , dont know whys ! heading to a new life ? very less slack lerhs ;D yay !

okays lets stop here , post another time when im free ! tc all of yous guy &&& i miss my long hair too , so do your ?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Shanyin here to help Songxuan blog again! -,-
Sorry peeeeeeeps! He's busy working & have no time to blog hur!
But he says that when he got the time to go out & take some pictures he'll be back to post!
Be patient hur! Haha. He's working almost everyday now.
Work& sleep is what he does all day long. Lol.
So sad hur!  Haha. 
Ok, stay tune for Songxuan's update hur! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

                                                         MIssing somethings in my life !

hahahas ! thanks sister for helping mie post so much ! Nevermind i will post those picture up on it !

                                                               We at Neverland times !

RAWWW ! JOJOJO ! have been bullying mie >: so bad of her ! She say i naughty so much beat ? Your think i naughty anot ? ofcaues NOT right ? lols ! So enjoy on that day . nothing much to post , sayonara !

Monday, April 5, 2010

TangSongXuan! Help you make this blog then you never post!
IDIOT! Treat you so good still don't appreciate hur! 
Everytime go out play don't want post ah! Kukubrother!
But your sister very good duh ok. HELP YOU POST. 


Met Ahpui on Saturday cause is his homeleave. (: Haha.
& so, sister jio me go for drinking session. Planned to go Jab 1 at Boatquay one.
End up change to V3. Haha. Fun laa. (:

Sister wants to take photo! 
But I luv to make silly face! :D
& yes! Our 12 years friendship! <3
Peeps, don't misunderstand ah. We're just a pair of good sis & bro!

Joleen keep disiao me ah. Put ice inside my shirt. Lol.
Sabo her back! :D
3 plus went to Neverland. Hahaha. Shiokshiok.

Dance & drink till 5plus then went off lur. (:
Sis went Panjang so me & Ahpui go home lur. Haha.
So fast reach home hur. So tired laa! Bath & POOOOOOM on the bed already. 

P/S. I only have the photos of SongXuan & me. Haha. (:

Ohhhh, brother! Your sis is so good manxzz! HAHA.
Must appreciate ok! Asshole. Luv you laa! :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Song Xuan here to post again! :D
Too bad this few days never really go anywhere.
So, nothing much to post about yea. (:
Haha. I just miss my hair! Although it's still long now.
But it's not as fine as last time! Awww~

Shall update again sooooooooon. :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

ZHONG YU DAO JIA LERHS :D MWhahahahs ! its was so tired ! yesterday went to BQ with ah pui to meet Kim kai . so long never meet him but when i saw him , there is something wrong with him ! Your know what ?!  he is drunk alr :@ wtf . He keep talk talk talk and talk ! NON STOP ! but i can uds , he is alr drunk so its okays <: after BQ we go oasis meet shan yin , kit , joleen and many more of them . hahas . after that finish drinking we all go alr ! And Me and ah pui went to yishun find Engkiong ! And go krislan play DOTA ! So long never play lerhs .

Let your see one picture <:
Your know what ?!  i MISS my Hair lurhs ! now my hair like shyt >: so regret that i go cut my hair that time !
so sad hor ?!  nothing much more to post lerhs . im off to bed ! SAYO !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday went to 7tou meet Ahxiong they all. (:
Till midnight went to triple one with them.
& morning back home! :D
Nothing much to post. Haha.

Luv my sister laa! Thanks for making this blog for me!